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We hired the iMiH Group to assist with development of the interface process from our legacy PeopleSoft application to the ADP Enterprise application. We initially believed the assignment would be very straightforward. However, we did not understand the underlying challenges of moving 10+ years of historical data to a new application. The iMiH team helped us navigate all those issues. The real story here is, despite all the unknowns, iMiH delivered on time and on budget!"

Director of Payroll, Automotive Supply Industry

I'd like to take this opportunity to express the City of Warren's appreciation, and particularly that of the Payroll Department, for the support and assistance iMiH Group provided during our transition to a new payroll system. Your guidance was really the tipping point in our understanding of how the new system worked. The personal 'face-to-face' time and information you provided was invaluable in helping us make the transition to the new system. I am truly grateful for your knowledge and support, and look forward to working with you again in the future."

Phil Easter, Human Resources Manager,
City of Warren

iMiH was responsible for creating an interface process between our PeopleSoft application and the ADP GlobalView application. Michael Lide's knowledge of both applications was invaluable. He was able to bring forward potential issues and concerns during the development of the business requirements. As a result, the iMiH deliverables helped us with a successful go-live."

Global Director of Payroll and Information Services

The amount of flexibility exhibited by the iMiH team was outstanding. As a result of an unforeseen budget crunch, our project timeline was in a constant state of flux. The iMiH management team was committed to assisting our organization during this time of change. Their support and commitment was important to our organization, as the iMiH team members had experience in the suite of ADP products, in both the U.S. and Canada, as well as an understanding our business. The result was a successful go-live!"

Senior HR / Payroll Director, Automotive
Supply Industry

iMiH's ability to deliver quality, no matter the circumstances and/or timelines, never ceases to impress me and my clients. I view this organization as not only an extension of my team, but also as a strategic partner in how we deliver world-class implementation to our customers. I’ve worked with the iMiH Group for 8+ years now, and would recommend them to anyone as an excellent partner for both short- or long-term projects."

Chris Klein, Vice President, Technology and Service Delivery ADP GlobalView

The amount of dedication, professionalism, personal sacrifice and commitment to work the incredibly long hours that the project required was just outstanding. We could not have accomplished a successful go-live without the expertise, support, coaching and guidance from your team, and it is truly appreciated."

Jodie Toolen, HR Senior Director at Alcatel-Lucent Americas HR-SPI Lead

I want to take the opportunity to thank your team for the outstanding professional support given to ALU Payroll during the recent payroll transition. The wonderful experience and leadership that iMiH demonstrated certainly raised the bar for other companies. The iMiH team demonstrated a total focus on serving the Payroll team. Your business excellence demonstrated your commitment in providing focused results, quality, speed and the highest business ethics."

Peggy Lavergne, CPP, Manager Payroll at Alcatel-Lucent

We hired the iMiH Group to assist us with a multifaceted project. We were defining our Shared Services Payroll Department, as well as upgrading our payroll application. With iMiH’s assistance, we enjoyed great success with both tasks. Your skill and knowledge guided us through some rough waters and helped us avoid any significant issues. iMiH's professionalism and relationship with our payroll provider secured both quality and value."

Gloria Zuccaro, Manager, Payroll at ZF Friedrichshafen AG - US

Wastquip was in the process of a merger. It became evident the organization needed assistance in the timekeeping, human resources, benefits and payroll disciplines. We hired iMiH Group to assist us during the transition. Specifically, the team provided strategic, tactical and operational expertise during the transition. They conducted a workflow review from the timekeeping process right through to the payroll general ledger. They also provided a payroll compliance process audit at Wastquip's request. iMiH Group’s assistance was a great help through this challenging time."

Paige Farinacci, Director, Corporate Administration, Wastequip

We were struggling for some time to get this system installed and live. iMiH came in the door and, on day one, hit the ground running and didn't look back. You knew all the right buttons to push; you were aggressive with our partners and pushed us as well to achieve the highest performance levels. We could not have made this happen as well as it did or within the time frame without your efforts."

John N. Davis, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer The Institute for Transfusion Medicine

The iMiH Group was an integral part of the Workday in our SAP implementation. Team members were instrumental in the data conversion validation, as well as the user and parallel acceptance process. Their willingness to take whatever steps and work countless hours was crucial to the project success."

Global Payroll Director, Financial Industry