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Human Capital Management Service Achievements

Our proven experience in full life cycle implementation of HCM solutions and the on point delivery of best practice methodologies is at the very core of our results driven approach to the clients we serve. These collaborations with clients that vary in size, industry and business process circumstance demonstrate the mutual successes we have achieved.

  • Client experienced growth through the purchase of like companies and needed to establish standards in workforce management and reporting of associated labor costs. iMiH developed key business and process strategies along with the rollout of a new human capital solution and corresponding GL functionality to ensure the Client's objectives were met. As a result, Client was better able to measure, reconcile and align labor costs relative to 30-40 operating plants to minimize fiscal losses and improve profitability.

  • Client was under consideration for purchase but had concerns relative to its payroll operations and potential payroll tax noncompliance issues. iMiH was engaged as an interim executive team to audit, identify, document , and resolve the payroll processing issues. The Client received recommendations for and assistance with the reconfiguration of payroll processes and procedures. As a result, the Client was able to demonstrate a sound payroll department and compliant payroll tax practices.

  • Canadian based client purchased 10 manufacturing sites and engaged iMiH to migrate all HR and payroll data from host SAP application to client's ADP PCPW application. iMiH managed all logistics required to configure servers and computers to host each site's payroll data; converted, loaded and audited all data; designed, tested and documented new business requirements and payroll processes; and trained all client staff. As a result, the Client received a timely turnkey solution and experienced no interruption in the payroll cycle.

  • Multinational Client purchased the shares of its partner in a US based manufacturing facility and had 8 weeks to transfer the HR and payroll data from PeopleSoft to ADP Enterprise with no documentation and little product knowledge. iMiH Group was retained to lead the implementation while building new processes and workflows. Significant to this engagement was the discovery that to resolve data issue downstream a new timekeeping system was not needed but rather a reconfiguration of how timekeeping data was entered. As a result, the client experienced a savings of more than $1 million while obtaining improvements in key processes.

  • Successfully integrated HR/Payroll data from Workday to ADP GlobalView for client acquiring US and Canadian entities. As a result, the client received business process enhancements, seamless data integration, expanded product knowledge, and key support during the 'Go-Live' process.

  • Global Client was struggling to make payroll process deadlines due to poor alignment of staff skills, inadequate systems knowledge and poorly defined process /procedural practices. Client engaged iMiH to augment staff, develop strategic, operational and tactical procedures to address HCM initiatives and implement a sustainable model for the processing and validation of its US production payroll. As a result, the client experienced improvements within weeks at almost every level. Most importantly, several ongoing non-compliance payroll tax issues were closed and in one year the number of corrected W2 forms declined from 1,500 to 28.